Market Trends

Global annual sales of cancer chemotherapy are close to 10 billion USD including both plain and drug delivery (DDS) formulated drugs.

Some of the most important growth factors for the total cancer drug market are:

• Fast ageing population. The population of USA (275), EU (375) and Japan (125) is about 775 million people with a very limited or even negative growth rate. However, the population above the age of 65 is expected to grow from about 12% in year 2000 to 20% of the population in 2020.

• The need for improved cancer therapies is high. Governments in several countries have recognized this urgent need and have implemented accelerated approval procedures.

The use of DDS in cancer therapy is expected to grow significantly. This growth is caused by a number of factors, some of them being:

• New and better cancer therapies. A large number of drugs, both conventional small organic molecules and new macromolecular agents (e.g. peptides, nucleotides), can be administered in ways that not only improve safety and efficacy, but in some cases permit new therapies altogether.