Future Potential

LiPlasome has successfully concluded part of the preclinical development programme and demonstrated proof of principle in animal studies of the novel tumor activated prodrug and drug delivery platform Clinical phase 1 study is ongoing.

The first drug LiPlaCis® is using Cisplatin as the active anti cancer ingredient. Cisplatin continues to play a central role in cancer chemotherapy as one of the most active single agents. Cisplatin is used in the treatment of large indications as lung cancer (incidents EU+US ≈ 480,000), prostate cancer (incidents EU+US ≈ 490,000), bladder cancer (incidents EU+US ≈ 170,000) and ovarian cancer (incidents EU+US ≈ 71,000).

LiPlasome is also running a programme in preclinical phase with Oxaliplatin which is also a drug with blockbuster potential.

We are continuously preparing new patent applications protecting novel and broad aspects of our targeted drug delivery technology to diseased regions characterized by elevated levels of phospholipase A2.